I had a detailed draft and I'm really sad I lost it so here's my half assed check in
  1. Products I've used up: 12
  2. Decluttered beauty: 5
  3. Sold beauty items: 36
  4. Clothes decluttered: 30
  5. Clothes sold: 3
  6. I'm pretty happy that I've kept up with this but I could have really minimized if my best friend hadn't continued to give me more. What I have learned though is that I had better results with a few natural options than I've had with tons of really expensive high end skincare so I'm kind of happy to know I won't feel tempted to splurge.
  7. I think the only high end products I liked enough to repurchase and to leave as part of my skincare routine are the Sunday Riley Martian Toner and the glamglow glow starter moisturizer because I use it as a morning moisturizer and a primer for makeup and it is an amazing combination with my smashbox foundation.
  8. My goal for next month is to continue decluttering and simplifying but to focus mostly on skincare because I was given so much stuff that I have back stock again and I really don't want to get in the habit of doing that again 🙅🏻
  9. I still feel like I have excess when it comes to clothes but I have been really good about just wearing what I have and not being tempted to go buy new stuff. Hopefully I will just wear some stuff out soon so that I feel okay about trashing it.
    I have a lot of stuff that used to be my fiancés so I have a weird attachment to all of it and have the hardest time getting rid of things I don't wear anymore... am I weird or are other people this way? It's not like he's gone or anything and he'd have tossed the stuff if I hadn't kept it so idk what my deal is