A list of things stopping me from tying the knot
  1. The ring
    Living paycheck to paycheck doesn't help when the ring you want is roughly $5,000-$7,000. At least he let me pick it out though, it's worth waiting for.
  2. A full time job
    My BF informed me this was the main thing he was waiting for because he wants us to have stability first (such a grown up thing to say, wow we're old).
  3. Affording an actual wedding
    MY FRIEND HAS SPENT LIKE $60,000+ and her wedding is over a year away?!?! This does not include our dresses she's trying to keep lower than $300 😭😭😭. BF made a joke to his mom about a courthouse wedding and I kid you not I thought his mom might kill us. She didn't like the idea of a small wedding either. Yikes.
  4. Affording pictures
    This is the thing I want the most because I want to remember everything without video evidence and I want the pictures to be good which is soooo pricey.
  5. Dancing
    I HATE dancing. Aside from ballet in high school there's no dance move that I can actually do without looking completely ridiculous. His mom basically said that no dancing was out of the question.
  6. Invitations
    My family is HUGE and I don't like very many of them that much. I can't invite my cousins I love without inviting their parents who I hate. Oh and my family is the polar opposite of my bfs he wants a dry wedding. A DRY WEDDING PEOPLE THIS IS NOT A DRILL 😳😳😳
  7. The bridal party
    YIKES. My sister is a DUH but beyond that I'm terrified. If it's a requirement to ask people whose weddings you were in I'm already to 3 friends... Not including my basically baby sister who was my neighbor our whole lives, my best friend since birth(we have lived away from each other most of our lives but guys she was my first friend), and my closest female cousins on both sides. If I ask one I have to ask the other right? I don't want to be the psycho with 8 people in their bridal party 🙈
  8. Fear of it being a bust.
    The last two weddings I attended half the rsvps did not show up. I would literally send them a bill for what I spent on their dinner plates that is some disrespectful bullshit. Also the ones who came left before the bride and groom finished taking pictures. I'm talking down to like 20 people maybe. They didn't even stay for the dances?! Also no one would dance when the bride asked wtf even I did?!?!
  9. Fear of my BF enforcing the no alcohol thing...
    That will make my bridal party entrance awkward when everyone can smell the tequila...
  10. Fear of fucking up my vows
    I told my BF that I wanted to write our own vows. Once the drugs wore off I was like wtf did I do 😳😳😳
  11. Fear of passing out
    I do this a lot guys anything can set me off I'm like a ticking bomb except all that happens is I look like I'm possessed and fall over.
  12. Fear that my mother in law will hate me for not wanting a completely traditional wedding.
    My BF and I are clearly their favorites(I put in the time I deserve the favoritism) so it will break her heart if we don't have a big beautiful traditional wedding. I want our wedding party to each tell a funny story/anecdote instead of just a big maid of honor/best man speech. I even thought about doing a roast and opening it up to whoever just because it would be fun. I also want an open bar, a limited amount of people, and a short ceremony nowhere near a religious building. Also cheap.
  13. I seriously would skip 90% and in my perfect world fly my family/wedding party to some beach somewhere say a quick forever, I do. And then go get drunk at a pool bar(I just really want to go somewhere with a pool bar) and call it done ✔️
  14. Guys this is terrifying how do people do this?