1. Feels like my chest is being compressed by some big ass weights
  2. I've had more panic attacks this week than I had all last year
    Okay the same number but whatever
  3. Which leaves me feeling so tired
    I need coffee to function
  4. But makes my head hurt so bad
    Migraines for days. Which means only tea for days 👎🏻
  5. And I can't focus
    I missed my exits 6 times the last two days. All while trying to run errands for my coworkers.
  6. And people at work are being shitty
    This woman is literally making me do her job for her. After having to do counseling with our boss she asked me to do everything on her list of what she should already be doing and has to work on (I read the notes cause she's a mess and I'm nosy. Sorry don't leave them out..)
  7. And my BF is being moody af
    The other day I was watching private practice (I don't normally watch girly shows when he's around but he's been moody as hell so I fill the silence with hot doctors) and violet (the therapist) was helping a patient who was having an attack of some sort (way dramatized of course) and he said to me "this is my life" referring to my panic attacks. Which has made me feel like complete 💩. I feel like that was such a stupid comment to him but it was kind of a big deal to me.
  8. Even my dogs are irritating me that's how 💩 I feel.
    Which makes me feel so guilty because they're just excited I'm home and trying to love on me and have no idea that they're hurting me (I'm bruised from them throwing full body weight at me as I come in the door and cut from their nails scratching at me which looks way bad because of my pale ass sensitive skin)
  9. Found this in my drafts and realized how long this bad stretch has been 👎🏻