1. I only wear them when I run out of other options
    I'm at my parents and I didn't pack enough go figure. So I had to dip into the clothes I don't really wear and brought here to leave in my old closet so Tyler didn't make me get rid of them.
  2. It takes FOREVER to get out of them to pee
    I have to pee like every hour on the hour because if I don't drink water constantly I pass out.
  3. You basically have to get naked to go to the bathroom
    No way in hell would I want to do this in a public restroom
  4. They ride up and give you camel toe without you knowing
  5. They basically feel like camel toe all the time
  6. The bottom part is ALWAYS TOO BIG anyway
  7. The top is always awkward
    I had one where there was too much material in the back detail so it fell way below where my nonexistent boobs are. The one I'm wearing now buttons up the top part on the front and is still a little too low that you can see the space where my cleavage should be and isn't
  8. Other people look much better in them than me.
    I keep trying. I've tried 4 times. They all look stupid. Never again.