Inspired by @drugs
  1. Worst: my dad had a hear attack
    This was the hardest thing I've been through sitting in the waiting room not knowing if I would still have him when it was over. We lost his dad this way and I was a complete wreck. Losing Tys dad the same way a few months later, I just can't continue this I'm already crying just thinking about it.
  2. Best: my dad made it through a complicated surgery and is still the man I love and admire.
    A lot lighter and a lot healthier but thank god we still have him in our lives.
  3. Worst: my future father in law died
    It was sudden in the worst possible way and he died before we could get home to say goodbye. He was a wonderful man and I was so blessed to have had the time with him that I did. He was incredibly loving, supportive, kind, and funny and our future children will miss out so much by not having him in their lives.
  4. Best: I got engaged!
    To the love of my life. We may be the most imperfect humans and we have been through some SHIT but my god I love that boy more than anything in this world.
  5. Worst: Lived in the crappiest apartment ever
    I HAD A COCKROACH IN MY MACBOOK. Our ceilings fell in 4 times. Our neighbors smoked a lot of crack and worked on our house while intoxicated at 6am. Several neighbors arrested. It was entertaining to say the least
  6. Best: my future siblings got married!
    Tyler's little brother and his gf who I love got married this weekend. It was beautiful and wonderful and I'm incredibly happy to have future siblings I have so much in common with.
  7. Worst: unemployment
    I went from a good job I was proud of to several month of feeling worthless BUT hopefully it is paying off with a good job in the new year.
  8. Best: being together with my fiancé and our dogs
    After a few years of long distance this has been so amazing.
  9. Worst: cleansing
    Ty has done this a lot but this is the first for me cause there weren't drug tests for anything in my life until the recent job search. Would not recommend.
  10. Best: good food
    His mom makes amazing food and it's been wonderful living with her these past few months. I love that we are so close and hearing her say "now I know what it's like to have a daughter" was the most wonderful compliment.
  11. Worst: no coffee
    I haven't gotten my kurig yet that ty got me for hopefully my birthday(today) so I haven't had coffee more than a handful of times since the move
  12. Best: kicked my coffee addiction
    Now I can get through the day without a venti giving me life even if I don't want to
  13. Overall I felt personally victimized by 2016 but I'm looking forward to the turn around in 2017