1. Drug dealer
    This is the obvious one, no need to elaborate
  2. Obscure sales person
    Maybe they sell scentsy or something that would attract older women in minivans and questionable looking men... Do questionable looking men like scentsy? I'm not sure.
  3. A risqué video business
    Like Susan in the bad years of Desperate housewives... from an upscale townhouse? Seems plausible.
  4. An unconventional therapist
    Like the people who study the effects of hallucinogens on trauma (yes that's a real thing and legal though I'm not sure what loop hole or certification is required)
  5. A music artist/producer for unpopular rap
    Seriously their music taste is not great (in the opinion of a suburban white girl)
  6. A freelance playwright
    Maybe they hold auditions constantly for obscure people they find on Craigslist.
  7. Some sort of scam
    The majority of visitors look pretty sketch and apparently that's a problem here? You shouldn't give pretty blonde girls money apparently..? Thanks fb rumor mill group!
  8. Aliens taking over human bodies
    Victims probably found on Craigslist. Would explain the obscure people and the bad taste in music... Independence Day 3: Handsome Super Saves The Day