An attempt at cheering myself up, please add and try to be as silly/ridiculous as possible I need a laugh
  1. An engraved ring from a crackerjack box
    Breakfast at Tiffanys inspired/ inspired by the fact that we are basically broke and rings/weddings are hella expensive.
  2. A ring in a pokeball
    He'll never be a Pokemon master but why keep trying when you already caught the best. (God knows he caught a lot of weedles before finding you)
  3. A tardis ride that takes us to a room full of family
    Mostly because I want them to see him kneel before me for the first and only time in our lives.
  4. Presenting a library and a ring combo
    THE BEAST DID IT. Also libraries make me way too excited. In his hometown the public library is right across from the high school/beside the grade school which was literally my dream as a high school girl. I shrieked and got super excited(for my future spawn if we end up there like we want to) and his friends looked at me like a complete psycho.
  5. A Harry Potter book that is actually hallow and contains the ring as well as some nerd inspired love notes.
    This is who I am. Sorry guys.
  6. On the rock we sat on for our first date.
    He took me hiking(I hate physical activity. I literally had to borrow my roommates sneakers for this). This proves the amount of infatuation that happened immediately after meeting him. On the way he sang me backstreet boys, nsync, and LFO. He knew all the words. I was hooked. I'm still hooked. (His beibs voice is my favorite but I adore his LFO raps and a day to remember sing alongs too.)
  7. Singing a dorky love song in the car and pulling out the ring at the perfect time
    When we first started dating he would purposefully play adorable songs like "say you like me" by we the kings. It was so cute and I miss him doing stuff like that, I would melt. We also love going for rides so this would be very personable even if it doesn't sound like it to others.
  8. Putting the ring in the bottom of my favorite strawberry milk so when I drink it I find the ring at the bottom.
    It's from a farm and in a glass bottle and seriously the best thing you will ever drink in your life. We are both lactose sensitive and still get one each every time and drink the entire thing in one sitting. It's worth it. I get this to cheer myself up on bad days. It's better than Starbucks. That's not something I say lightly.
  9. Handing me the ring wrapped around a lighter.
    This is a joke, we smoke a lot. I'd still say yes.
  10. Literally any way I'd say yes.
    He already knows not to do it in public because I would hate that and something small and meaningful is the way to go with me. Simple. Cheap. Adorable. Sold.
  11. I always liked the way Aidan proposed to Carrie on SATC. She thinks he is handing her a dog poop bag but instead it is the ring she wanted. Very sweet. She should have married that guy!
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu