After being a part of several weddings and being involved in several more in the near future.. I've found weddings aren't always the treasure people think they will be
  1. Pro: Someone thinks you're important enough to be part of their big day!
    Con: You're required to pay A LOT of money for that big day
  2. Pro: You're included in the planning every step of the way!
    Con: Planning is time consuming and exhausting
  3. Pro: You get to look back on all of the well photographed pictures!
    Con: You're probably wearing an ugly dress in all of those pictures
  4. Pro: Open bar!
    Con: Some people don't have alcohol at their wedding 😭
  5. Pro: Cute friends of the groom!
    Con: Some grooms do not have attractive friends and you have to talk to them anyway or you're "Rude"
  6. Pro: You get to see a whole bunch of people who love the same person as you come to support their happiness!
    Con: You also have to watch when half of the people don't show up or leave before the pictures of the wedding party are done