My boyfriend is my best friend and while I absolutely love that it also fucking sucks.
  1. You don't have sex with your best friend
    I don't think I need to go into the issues this causes. Some of you may have sex with your best friend but I wouldn't recommend it.. (Really you'll end up dating them forever even when you want to strangle them and your family will hate them)
  2. When they're busy you are SO BORED
    My boyfriend has been out of town for training for his new job which means 1. I'm watching Netflix alone 2. I'm drinking wine alone 3. I have no one to text all of my random thoughts/gold ideas all day long 4. We killed 3 phone batteries and a computer battery on FaceTime and all we talked about was his job and my lack of geography knowledge
  3. We make fun of each other like best friends but sometimes it goes too far
    Your S/O is way more sensitive than your best friend and taking it too far can cause way more problems that can't be fixed with an I'm sorry coffee or a bottle of wine(okay actually I'd totally forgive him for those gestures but he would not forgive me. Maybe a $60 gift card to gamestop? I'm not above it)
  4. We're way too dependent on each other
    No one would ask their best friend to clean their laundry/home/dishes or pick up the dog poop in the yard. All of the chores I'm somehow having to do even though it's not my responsibility put a strain on the best friend side of the relationship. I can't say "do your own shit this isn't my issue" to my boyfriend but my best friend would just expect me to live in her filth and keep my mouth shut so I might be the problem? It's hard to tell honestly lol
  5. The "I'm sorry" dynamic is so different.
    The "you're taking this too far and pissing me off" signs may be different for a S/O than a BF but either way if you did the pissing off you should be doing the apologizing. I'm not sorry, but you should be. HINT HINT
  6. The requirements to a BF and S/O apology are way different
    My best friend can be like sorry bitch love you and we're fine but as a S/O you need to 1. Grovel(jk just say something nice, ok?) 2. Tell me you're sorry(In a way that at least seems sincere) and 3. Tell me you love me(my best friend would lead with this every time cause she's SMARTER THAN YOU)
  7. I actually feel bad for him lol I swear I'm a catch I just have to give him a hard time sometimes
  8. He's a 💩 but I love him to death
  9. I lied I hate him
  10. When told I wrote a list about him