1. I needed coffee
    WHY STARBUCKS DRIVE THROUGH WHY... An hour later *gets cold coffee*
  2. I had to finish the episode of the bachelor
    Come on these bitches are crazy I can't look away
  3. I can't find my keys
    Disclaimer they were in my car which was heating up
  4. I can't find my shoes
    One of the 100 pairs I have won't do
  5. I forgot my parking money
    Nickels nickels nickels I love the sound of cold hard cash... As it hits the bottom of a machine that eats 50% of what I put into it
  6. I can't find my jacket
    I have like 8 north faces but I need the one that already has my keys(when they aren't in my car) and my Chapstick
  7. I forgot to put on deodorant
    No one wants to smell the horror if I don't go back for it
  8. I forgot my phone charger
    What am I supposed to do when my phone is at 16% and I have class until 3:45?! (This is my current predicament I forgot it today)