I love my boyfriend but sometimes I can't help but be frustrated by our differences. I wish I got to be the selfish one sometimes so..
  1. I could eat what I want
    He ruined pasta sauce with an insane amount of garlic. I was sick ALL NIGHT. He comes by this honestly his dad made steak once and I thought I was pregnant because I was so sensitive to it (I wasn't it just had THAT MUCH GARLIC)
  2. I could organize things how I want
    I'm an organization freak and it bothers the hell out of me when things aren't organized or don't make sense. For example his kitchen which is basically empty has nothing in the cabinets they're supposed to be in. THE TALL SKINNY ONE IS FOR COOKIE SHEETS AND CUTTING BOARDS THEY DON'T GO BEHIND THE SINK FAUCET.
  3. I could decorate everything girly
    I love Audrey Hepburn and mirrored boxes and fake flowers in crystal vases. I don't want the dogs to break them and I definitely don't want them all shoved in a closet.
  4. I could have more space
    I got bitched at this morning "how did you like your side of the bed". I literally am cramped into the weirdest positions every night to accommodate him and our two big dogs. My body hurts all. The. Time. I did not hurt this morning, so to answer his question "pretty good actually".
  5. I would only have to clean up my own mess
    I clean the house, the dishes, the laundry, you name it. I had a test the other night and spent my whole day cleaning up after him and making him dinner and was ecstatic when he said "leave what's left I'll get it" so I could take my test. There were 3 things left that couldn't go in the dishwasher. They're still in the sink 😔
  6. I would have my own responsibilities
    I HATE when people leave things for me to do even though they have the time. This happened with many roommates and especially my boyfriend. I get up take the dogs out, feed the dogs, go to work, come home, cook/clean, and do laundry but if he gets home first he sits on the couch and waits for me to get home and "help" him do all of that. Aka wait for me to do it all because he decided he needed to shower.
  7. I could have a regular beauty routine
    It's no wonder I look disgusting when I'm harassed for taking longer in the shower or putting too much "stuff" on. He thinks it's a compliment on natural beauty but it's more like bullying me to be uncomfortable in my own skin and to have bad personal hygiene cause he's convinced the extra steps girls take are to attract attention. I just don't want acne or to smell bad or to have gnarly eyebrows.
  8. I wouldn't have to feel guilty about spending time with my parents.
    I still live in their house but he gets upset when I don't stay over so I barely see them. Also I miss my own bed but don't want to fight about it so I just give in even though it's upsetting me and my parents. I miss them a lot and I hate that I feel guilty for spending too much time/not enough time with them.
  9. I could actually plan my outfits
    I'm sick of hearing "YOU WORE THAT" or "You should do this cause it would look more professional". If I had my actual closet I would look better but I have limited clothing/accessory options available.
  10. I could wear my extensions
    I like when my hair is long. Sue me.
  11. I could do my makeup
    It's just fun. I like crazy lipstick and playing with eyeshadow. Not every day but if I want to do it why shouldn't I be able to?
  12. I would save SO MUCH GAS.
    My parents live a lot closer and I use 1/4 the amount of gas when I'm there.
  13. I wouldn't have to leave an hour early to get a coffee.
    Starbucks is right by my house but it is very far from his.
  14. I would spend a lot less money on food.
    I get that he has a lot of bills to pay but I can't pay off my debt when I'm paying for both of us when we go out with HIS friends.
  15. I wouldn't feel so unappreciated.
    I try so hard to make others happy and when it's not even acknowledged its really discouraging.