1. Supporting family is important
    Especially when it's your future mother in law and she has enough to deal with without the financial stressors
  2. My (kind of) mother in law is an amazing cook
    Her coaching me from afar has already worked wonders but I would love her to teach me all of the things that Tyler loves because I'm that person and I live for his happiness.
  3. I miss the shower
    They seriously have the best shower. We will take an hour long shower just because it's so hard to leave. It's amazing. Best shower I have ever used in my life. Did I mention I love the shower?
  4. I miss living in a small town where everyone knows each other
    I know some people hate this and I'm not big on the gossipy part but it's really nice to have lots of friends and family around. I want my kids to grow up around lots of love and get to hear how awesome their family was at sports/academics and to have everyone watching them so they are safe.
  5. I wouldnt mind inheriting their house
    It's small and adorable with a big yard for the girls. It needs some work so we can fix it up to be whatever we want. It has a huge fireplace that's basically an entire wall. The yard is mostly shaded so I won't pass out. There's a porch on the front with a swing and it's my happy place/reading place and I need it forever.
  6. The food is SO GOOD
    Everything is fresh and I love it. I love fruits and veggies and I swear the salads here put all others to shame. Also voodoo chips close. I neeeed my voodoo chips.
  7. The area is so pretty
    Everything is so vibrantly green most of the year and it snows a ton in the winter(I love love love snow). The temperature is usually fairly cool and storms are intense. My dad made us all want to be storm chasers as small children and I will always love watching storms roll in.
  8. The dogs will have a bigger yard to run in
    They don't get enough exercise here
  9. There is a Sephora and Ulta across the street from each other 20 minutes away.
    This means I can convince my best friend to visit me.
  10. I'm not happy with my current living situation
    Other than having my parents close by there's not much I like about the town we live in, and our apartment is an extremely expensive dump. We pay more in rent than his mother will pay for her mortgage.
  11. It would just be nice to be in a new place and not where I went to middle school/high school/college