It may be a gas station but this ice cream is hands down my favorite of all time! They hand pack the pints. I went in with my cousin clearly very stoned and this was how he packed it for me 😍
  2. FINALLY selling my cousins(seeing-autocorrect what kind of person do you think I am)
    I lived back at home for 6 months in high school with my mom to help take care of my grandpa as his Alzheimer's progressed so they are very much like siblings to me and I miss them a lot. The guy on the end clearly doesn't look like us I know but he's honorary family. His mom babysat us and he lives beside my cousins. When we were five his sister made me "marry" him in exchange for a poster of Drew Lachey. I backed out last minute and he cried. We text every Sunday about GOT.
  3. TANNING/TUBING AT THE BEACH(it's actually a lake but that's carved into the bar so it's the beach guys)
  4. Drinking heavily to celebrate my aunts wedding
    Her soon to be husband has a son that transferred to my college. I love his dad way more than him. The first time we got stoned together(me and my soon to be cousin not his dad) he told me he thought zombieland was stupid. We don't talk.
    She aged much better than me! Even being so far apart we still grew to be exactly the same. In high school we ate large amounts of Mac and cheese and watched lost. Now we smoke, eat massive quantities of Mac and cheese, and binge watch whatever Netflix picks for us. (Probably don't let Netflix pick for you, you'll see some strange shit you won't be able to unsee)
  6. Old picture for reference.
    She told me a girl was bullying her once (that I'm related to through marriage) and I made that girl cry. I was like 12. She's still afraid of me. She stopped bullying kace so win for me.
  7. Not having to work for a week