1. The Sales Counselor in charge of the community I'm at can't spell realtor or realty and can't pronounce the names of the models.
  2. She also can't spell the names of the realtor companies and is totally oblivious to the fact that several have in fact rebranded and have completely different names.
  3. She gets paid 10X more than me and I do her job for her
  4. The Sales Counselor at another community is not an idiot but does use condescending phrases like "I think now you understand my expectations"
    Which is funny to me considering I've had no training so no shit I don't know her expectations. Also every community is different and every sales counselor asks me to do different tasks and to do them different ways.
  5. I'm constantly being bitched out while I'm going above and beyond to help all of them. For example, I stay late to take their appointments regularly, I run all over the place to pick up whatever they need even on my days off, I work events even if I'm not scheduled, and I do things for the production manager even though I'm not supposed to.
  6. I've been here almost 6 months and still have no idea what some terms mean or how to do certain tasks because NO ONE TRAINED ME
  7. I can't go over 29 hours a week but they try to make me work over that EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.
  8. I was over scheduled for this upcoming week which I told my boss and the girl who makes my schedules(who is supposed to be my best friend since high school) immediately after it was sent out.
  9. Three weeks later I'm still dealing with this problem.
  10. My boss who APPROVES THE SCHEDULE has emailed me back three times today telling me different things.
  11. I'm over scheduled next week (Sunday to Saturday). She wants me to continue working Sunday which means I should not be working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Easy just take off one day.
  12. So she tells me not to work tomorrow. Which would put me a day under this week and still have me over next week.
  13. Then she tells me "as you know" apparently I'm supposed to help one of our sales counselor with an event I was never told about. So no I don't know. Also one of the days "I know" about I'm not scheduled to work.
  14. That would put me two days over instead of just one. What the hell.
  16. It still has not been resolved. My head may explode before I get to leave at 5.