We're a Power family. Haha ha ha... Not a good joke? I'd say maybe next time but it probably won't be. My family would laugh, even if it was just a pity laugh. Help me out @poweronyourvcr
  1. We love the shit out of each other
    We don't have a bad sheep. I swear guys we are all awesome. And screw that meme everyone shares about how if you don't know who it is its you. Okay it might be me but jokes on you, how lucky am I.
  2. We actually want to spend time together.
    A lot of families aren't this way and I don't understand. If you can't hang out in an empty room and still have fun with your siblings then one of you lost in the personality gene pool.
  3. We are all hilarious
    Seriously, no one leaves the power house without peeing their pants, spitting out food/drink, or some super sore cheeks. We are loud and unapologetically unfiltered. And we all have the same type of humor which is amplified when extended family is around. Blame my roots, Italians love wine and Irish love whiskey. I love both. Sometimes in each hand. Judge me, you should.
  4. We are all nerds
    We will never be too old for Disney movies, we will forever skip the frodo parts of lord of the rings, and we will wear our house patches with pride. I won't wear my prefect pin anymore though cause it fell off my backpack. Joe never loses his pins off his backpack. I really might be that sibling.
  5. We support each other through everything
    Especially teen angst, poor boyfriend choices, and forever away moves to Tennessee. I will drop anything for any of my family members, this will be the fastest you see me move ever.
  6. "Oh are we judging today"
    Is a phrase commonly uttered by my father. Inside jokes make us closer. We are always judging. If we weren't so funny maybe we'd stop. Bonus points when mom can't stop herself from making a crude/dark joke. Negative points when I fall on my face mid joke and can't finish because I'm laughing too hard. Bonus points when Mary is laughing so hard she goes up and down an octave.
  7. We are food snobs
    Another thing my dad reminds us as he continues to make a perfect steak, crab legs, stir fry, jambalaya, or live lobster that makes me vomit. We are so spoiled with food that restaurants are basically pointless. (Tennessee is an exception because holy shit do they love good food, preferably deep fried).
  8. We give each other shit all. The. Time.
    I will never live down the BF I had after high school who later went to jail and is now known for giving sexual favors to men for money. Mary will never live down her tommy pickles walk or the fact that she is not ever safe with liquids over carpet. Joe will never live down the point in his life where his "life moto" was "retaliate times five" or his nickname "Pastor Joe". I just found out my dads friends call him "The Reverend" and I almost peed myself. Shit I'm totally the bad sheep.
  9. We always have each other's back.
    My brother used to pick me up and run me away from boys. In a particularly dark time in my relationship my BF drove to my house and my brother came outside with a sludge hammer to escort me back in. My sister tried to kill him while intoxicated on my birthday. Both are totally justified and my wedding is gonna be so awkward 😂 (people do have the ability to change and thank god for that because the amount of love I have wasted on the wrong people is exhausting to think about)
  10. I could honestly go on forever about how smart, funny, talented, witty, caring, and generally wonderful my family is. I could not be luckier in that department. Even ten hours away I can still feel their love and support and I wouldn't trade anything for the family I got.
  11. We all have our favorites though and I couldn't be Alex without my Jane ❤️
    Shhhh don't tell Joe.