Other than the fact that my sister is already there and I'm still trying to convince her we need to share a room......
  1. Free music
    All of the great country singers in one town what's not to love
  2. Southern boys
    I'll let the use of "y'all" slide in exchange for some southern charm
  3. There's basically no Catholic Churches
    Can't guilt me into it if I can't get to it MOM
  4. So. Much. Good. Food
    Puckets I'm talking about you. Grilled cheese food truck... I will find you some day.
  5. So many bars with live music
    Falling in love at tootsies with men too old to be my boyfriend even though they initiate our relationship through a microphone because I don't understand the concept of "holler and swaller" at 12 in the afternoon. Best fried pickles ever (I know that's weird) at Rippys.
  6. It's fucking Nashville that's why