RETAIL THERAPY ft. @darshnim

The amount of times we got told we were "so fun" was maybe excessive but also the most times we've heard that sober...
  1. Not featured: the haul from ulta, Sephora, and lush from the day before
  2. Mac give me sun because lustrelux and desi love it, warm rose because DAYUM, and dunes at dusk
  3. Because cute packaging and
  4. All you need to know about sephora
    Unless you're nosy like me and require pictures cause I can its just a lot of stuff lol
  5. And so many over priced over sized tees because I want to be cute/homeless always
    Also this is my absolute favorite color. I went to the same mall two days in a row and didn't buy this the first day but went back to get it and they had VANISHED. I got basically the whole store to help me and one girl found it (shout out to the blonde at Ross park you da best)
  6. Also VS killing it with these oils! They smell 💣 and soak right into your skin
    I HATE oil on my skin and these are perfect
  7. And a present for @poweronyourvcr that can't be featured because it's not on its way to Nashville yet. Here's your clue: