1. I'm waiting for all of the background checks to finish and then I get to start working a good full time job! YAY
  2. This means we can start planning our wedding
    And the bachelorette trip to Nashville 👰🏻🍷
  3. And I can get a new car
    Preferably this one
  4. And we can start building our house this year! Easily what I'm most excited about!
    Preferably this one
  5. And I can pay off all of my credit card debt super quickly
    And cancel half of that shit because it's dangerous.
  6. And I can actually afford my student loan payments!
    And start saving up to pay them off completely in a few years!
  7. And I don't have to feel guilty when I buy beauty products!
    Which is good because I have a list of things I want sooo badly but can't justify buying right now because bills.
  8. I'm so beyond excited to actually get my life together 😍😍😍