Get yourself a big bottle of wine and a box of chocolates because it's gonna be a rough ride (from Front Row Seat)
  1. "You know we never change"
  2. "No I really don't have time to talk to you. And how dare you even ask me after all the hell you put me through"
  3. "I never said this wouldn't be hard, but this time I've got to guard my heart"
  4. "I tried to tell myself that you'd be all I need"
  5. "Now that you can't help the hurt its best you let me leave"
  6. "I might have been born to break your heart"
  7. "Goodbye is the hardest part"
  8. "I was supposed to hold your heart"
  9. "When you're dead inside you only see ghosts, little memories refusing to let go"
  10. "If I had amnesia, something stronger than tequila, then I wouldn't have to see you every night when I turn out the lights and close my eyes"