My phone has 8 gigs. I can get a flash drive with more memory for $5. COME ON APPLE. Reasons I need(want) a new phone:
  1. So I can save all of the gifs
    I would use these 99% of the time when people I don't like text me but I can't save any because, no memory. THANKS APPLE.
  2. So I can save so much money
    There are so many cool apps that can help your finances and I'd be all about it if I had memory. THANKS APPLE.
  3. So I can take pictures without a notification that I don't have enough space which means they all get taken with snapchats poor quality. Yeah I found a loophole Apple.
  4. So I didn't have to delete texts all. The. Time.
    I look sketchy and can't remember what anyone said. Find that picture you sent me last week? Sorry I can't.
  5. So I can actually organize my life.
    iPhone your lack of storage has made me very dependent on my planner. Guys I forgot my planner today 😭
  6. So I can play more than one phone game at a time.
    Yeah sure I'll delete my entire vault of 100 people so that I can play Pokemon. Thanks for making me choose, Apple.
  7. So I can behave like every normal 22 year old.
    This feels like the first 4 generations of iPhone when I still had a flip phone. Forever behind on technology. It's a little less painful now though not gonna lie.