I waited for the second episode because the opening videos are always annoying and half those people disappear anyway so here's my list based on the girls that seem like fun bitches and not completely psycho bitches
  1. Shark Girl
    She's my #1 because even though she doesn't know the difference between a shark and a dolphin she's so funny and just making the most of whatever situation she's in. She killed the shotgun bride.
  2. Probably the prettiest girl here and seems normal so far.
  3. She totally took on the whole wedding photo shoot and seems to be another normal one at this point. Plus we have the same name.
  4. She seems really sweet and honest and kind of reminds me of one of my friends.
  5. Hot takes at the end (sort of) Raven is my favorite and the most normal so I'm still hoping she wins!
    Taylor is the worst type of human and Corinne honestly isn't that bad (I'd be her friend and go shopping/have her nanny bring me food tbh)