1. Predictions: Delphi's mother is Bellatrix
    I quickly started to hate her character as much as bellatrix so it has to be true. Who else was foul enough to sleep with the billionth reincarnation of the dark lord?
  2. Prediction: Lily is gonna do some crazy awesome shit to save Harry and we'll get to actually see how bad ass she is.
    You can not tell me that Albus got to see his grandparents and not get to see how fucking awesome they are.
  3. Prediction: Scorpius isn't actually Dracos son but actually has a much better father who comes out of hiding to be a total badass maker of time turners.
    Uses his time turner without a limit to go save his son and take down bellatrix spawn.
  4. Knew it! Bellatrix and her daughter are both the worst.
  5. Bummed we only got to see Harry's parents die again.
  6. Poor Scorpius has shit luck but hey at least he's alive? And not the devils spawn so that's good.
  7. I've learned that books are a billion times better. I need more details and action.
  8. Worth reading though definitely!