Inspired by @k8zinker
  1. There was a huge snowstorm in Morgantown and I was casually having an adult sleepover with my big sister
  2. I can't remember how old I was but I think 17? Maybe 16? Idk @poweronyourvcr how old was I?
  3. I have no idea how it even started except that she gave me a shot of jack Daniels which I threw back like nothing
    Little did we know whiskey will forever be my favorite
  4. I remember her making a rum and coke and I took one sip and my face was basically 😍😍😍
    I thought it tasted like Vanilla Coke and I kept sneaking sips. I wasn't sneaky at all.
  5. Needless to say I got drunk pretty quickly
  6. And since it was a snowstorm and my sister lived in a very student heavy part of town people were skiing and snowboarding past the house on the roads
    Her guy friends pulled their picnic table to the road and started doing jumps off it. Probably not the safest idea?
  7. I was inside hanging out the window watching because I had no idea people could have this much fun and I FELL out the window into a bush that was covered in snow
    Because I'm a mess. I cried laughing and came back in through the window.
  8. My sister was good friends with a guy I knew pretty well and it's common knowledge he has really bad anger issues and for some reason I put his hat on (ew) and turned to Mary asking what he would do
    He hit his brother with a metal baseball bat I just didn't want to die
  9. She replied "You have to marry him". I cried.
  10. Eventually we got hungry and the same kid thought it would be a great idea to go to mcdonalds. In a blizzard.
    Don't drink and drive in a blizzard sober people aren't driving in.
  11. So we basically almost died the whole way sliding all over the road. I was drunk enough that I was laughing and saying wooooooo
    Mary was terrified she was going to get me killed which I believe sobered her up? Kind of? Idk.
  12. So we went to McDonald's and I just remember trying to put my phone in my back pocket and casually throwing it ALL THE WAY ACROSS MCDONALDS.
  13. The guys in line behind us laughed at me and called me drunk and I'm pretty sure I got offended and maybe yelled at them?
    I was a terror in the making.
  14. Obviously from here things got kind of fuzzy...
  15. This may be the night we tried to go to bed and her roommate fell down the stairs and smacked her head against the wall
    Which I found absolutely hilarious and then convinced her we needed to crawl the whole way which she went with
  16. I'm pretty sure this same night my sister put me to bed, went to the bathroom to pee, and by the time she got back my pants were gone
  17. "Mary where are my pants?"
  18. "I JUST put them on you!"
  19. "But where are they?"
    And I pulled the cover off and my pants were gone. We couldn't find them until later the next day.
  20. This is basically how I imagine I looked compared to everyone else
  21. I'd like to say it got better from there but it didn't. College was a shit show.