1. For anyone who has never been to Morgantown Wv(don't) our roads are barely roads and can only fit one car comfortably.
  2. They also don't treat the roads rather let them be consumed by car sized potholes.
    We've become quite fond of calling the town Morganhole.
  3. So today driving on arguably one of the worst roads (West Run Road) In 5 O'clock traffic I happen to be behind a gentleman.
  4. This idiot let's a tow driver out in front of him from a large student complex towing some poor unfortunate souls car behind him.
    My car has been towed in less than five minutes from this exact lot by this exact company.
  5. Except something is wrong and the back starts to rattle?
  6. The nice gentleman turns into the complex the only way to get out from behind this poorly secured tow truck.
  7. And it snaps and the car that's being towed is flung toward a large stone retaining wall!
    The tow truck could have totalled this car lmao
  9. Instead he just throws it into the curb and the back of the tow truck just falls apart.
  10. I'm talking into like 6 large metal pieces.
  11. So he decides to try to fix it right there in the middle of the street where cars can barley get around him.
  12. And it's 5 o'clock traffic so there's an endless stream of cars and I am stuck(so is everyone behind me)
  13. A guy from behind me gets out and the tow truck driver almost fights him hahahah that guy thought the situation was hilarious but our friendly neighborhood tow truck driver was not having it
  14. So the guy basically runs away past my car laughing with the biggest shit eating grin on his face.
  15. And I wait another 20 minutes before I can finally get around him lol
  16. He was nowhere close to having it fixed but I took off
  17. Sorry dude