Just finished this series and I'm bored at work so...
  1. Ember/Umber
    My least favorite characters. How do gods suck so bad?
  2. Martin Chatwin
    Evil genius? Basically.
  3. Julia- Demi God
    Loved the development of this character.
  4. Mother Goddess
  5. Christopher Plover
    Possible child molester in the books, decided child molester in the tv series.
  6. The Sloth
    You go being a very minor character but still having super important relevant information that progresses the story line.
  7. Representing all of the talking animals
    Because I actually love this filter. Meow.
  8. Some more taking animal representation
  9. Holder of the last golden key
    As the story goes
  10. Totally recommend reading this series!
    Try to get past his super depressing writing in the first one, you'll understand what he was doing when you finish!