1. Up until yesterday I thought my friends fiancé was buying it but he wanted a $2300 bow instead.
  2. Holy shit wtf am I gonna do I was counting on that money
  3. Okay Sarah be calm we can figure this out
  4. Facebook, post it on Facebook that's what people do right?
  5. *best friend shares* this is so good I mean she has so many friends that they are now "followers" so someone will probably want it right?
  6. Wait mom said our family friend is looking for a car I'll ask her!
    She said she'll talk to her mom so that's good. Dad said not to sell to friends so that's bad.
  7. *random number texts me* oh god I hope it's someone who wants the jeep
    It was a creep from college I repeatedly rejected. FUCK.
  8. *another random number texts me* PLEASE BE FOR THE JEEP
    It was. YESSSSS
  9. *so not patiently waiting* ASK ME WHATEVER YOU WANT
    But please answer quicker and commit to buying it tonight with cash? Please?
  10. *another person inquires* this is good. Clearly I can find someone right?
  11. There's no way I will actually get cash for this before we leave tomorrow.
  12. I hope my dad doesn't kill me for possibly having to finish dealing with this when I leave... I hope he will finish this when I leave.
  13. Still holding out hope for the kid who needs a car asap. Come on man I need this.