1. Clara from Doctor Who
  2. The companion in general would do
  3. But I love 90% of Clara's traits
    With the exception of them making her do things in the last season that were completely out of character. So salty.
  4. She's clever Af
    She can think through almost anything the doctor throws her way making her a super useful companion.
  5. She's loyal Af
    To whoever the doctor becomes nomatter the difference In appearance or traits.
  6. She's strong Af
    There were so many situations I would have broke down but she always makes it through.
  7. She's independent
    Her character is so clever and witty and she is not afraid to state her opinion and make sure her voice is heard.
  8. She's reliable
    The doctor shows up at the weirdest times but she always makes it work.
  9. She's freaking gorgeous like come on
  10. Her accent is perfect
    So is her name, like can I be her?
  11. Her hair is always perfect
    Always always always.
  12. Her makeup is always perfect
    I wish I could do this.
  13. She rocks any outfit like what is this sorcery
    So many scenarios so many cute outfits. She can rock literally anything.
  14. I might have a girl crush