1. I'm not wearing makeup
  2. My acne is flairing up
    What else is new
  3. I have hair dye on my face
    Whatever id rather pay $10 than $100
  4. I'm not wearing a bra
    I'm barely a B cup, judge me idgaf
  5. My leggings have dog hair all over them
    This frustrates me at first but honestly it doesn't really matter
  6. I haven't studied for this exam
    At least I knew it was today which apparently the majority of our class didn't 😂 she sent out a nasty gram and it was very entertaining honestly
  7. I'm drinking a chai latte so I can drink 2 venti's in a short few hours
    It's still delicious and has enough caffeine to keep me alive
  8. At least I don't work today
  9. Edits*****
    I think I killed my test even though I only studied the hour before
  10. **** things I do care about: I only got one slice of pizza and I should have gotten two 😭😭😭