Disclaimer: this is another beauty related list. Some shade thrown.
  1. Why Bath and Body Works lotions basically peel off of me
  2. Why 90% of body wash gives me a rash.
    Thanks for not being sulfate free St. Ives. You're complete garbage.
  3. Why eye cream is like $1000 and only comes in .5 fl oz
    I JUST DONT WANT WRINKLES OR PUFFINESS OR MASSIVE DARK CIRCLES. And now I'm broke. Thanks, literally every brand ever.
  4. Why your hair just decides when it no longer likes shampoo
    That's okay hair I wanted you to get over the $30 shampoo I bought to pamper you, it's all good I'm halfway through the bottle and it can't be returned.
  5. How girls can not wash their hair for a week and still have perfect curls.
    I literally can't achieve perfect curls ever. Like ever. Seriously like do I have to sell my soul for good hair?
  6. Shaving cream for women
    Soap works better why do I keep trying to do this.
  7. Why female razors are 1000x worse than men's even though we have way more surface area to cover.
    Switching back to a girly sensitive razor after using men's for a year was the worst decision of 2016.
  8. If perfume expires?
    I still have a vs one from high school that they don't make anymore and I don't want to throw it away because it smells like cupcakes. It looks pretty funky now though...
  9. Also why they don't put expiration dates on ALL products?
    This should be standard and like common sense? Also an ingredients list should be mandatory.
  10. Why Ulta doesn't let you pick specific free samples just a category when you purchase online
    I like to know exactly what I'm getting, okay Ulta? Why can't you be like Sephora and let me make my own decisions!
  11. Why you get free samples ordering online but not in store?
    What nonsense is this? I have to wait if I want free stuff but no free stuff if I'm impatient?! Boo you whore.