1. The pressure to be friends with people you're just polite to in public.
    I can still be kind to you without caring that much about your personal life.
  2. The pressure to accept family members.
    I might be the only one but I have a ton of cousins I don't really like that much. Do we have to pretend to care via social media?
  3. The pressure to keep every person you've ever met.
    We were never really friends we just went to high school together. I don't share any juicy gossip you're wasting your time and forcing me to read your dumb shit.
  4. The pressure to accept coworkers.
    Trust me, I REALLY don't want you to know anything about my personal life. I use my work email as my main form of communication for a reason. This is what LinkedIn is for.
  5. The pressure to share intimate details of your life.
    I hope you want to see what I'm watching on Netflix and pictures of my dogs. If you want to get real intimate, I probably wasn't wearing pants while I posted.
  6. The pressure to have all forms and communicate with the same people on each of them.
    Some people are more tolerable on fb(I never look at anything but my notifications). Why do I have to see your 3000 selfies on instagram, read every stupid thought you have on Twitter, and watch your snap story? No thanks.
  7. That people get insulted when you don't care to follow them/be friends with them.
    It doesn't mean I don't like you, it means I don't like your social media presence. I also probably don't like you.
  8. That people just request you repeatedly when you keep deleting them.
  9. That people message you and expect you to be super excited to converse with them.
    I'm not looking for Internet friends(unless they're on list- hi list friends you guys aren't annoying!)
  10. The pressure to post regularly.
    I mean, I keep fb for my family to see big life achievements or pictures from family events, I keep Twitter because Casey Holmes, and Instagram is fine without me posting selfies weekly. I really only look cute like once a month.
  11. That they keep changing all of it.