1. Food
    Okay I might regret buying fast food...
  2. Pillows
    You can never have too many. Never.
  3. Blankets
    See above.
  4. Books
    Disney gave me unrealistic expectations... HE GAVE HER A LIBRARY. (I'm sad for anyone reading this list that hasn't heard @poweronyourvcr yell this because I heard it in my head as I was typing it)
  5. Tooth paste
  6. Deodorant
    Recently got a natural one and I was a little too excited about it... I really like it in case anyone was wondering... Sorry this is probably weird?
  7. Wine
  8. Coffee
    My barista knows me by name and comps my coffee sometimes. Joel you're the 💣❤️
  9. Water
    It's necessary even if it's ridiculous to pay for bottles of something you can get free.
  10. Gas
    I mean I may hate spending it but I don't regret it cause it gets me where I need to go 🚙 aka work, the grocery store, and back to my couch.
  11. Planners
    I literally can't function without one. I will forget EVERYTHING. And I get this awful feeling of knowing I forgot something but not being able to remember what I'm forgetting. Basically my parents would have consistently sent me remembralls. On second though my planner is my remembrall.
  12. Harry Potter anything
    My Ravenclaw sweatshirt is my favorite. Also I basically cried when my dog broke my time turner key chain.
  13. I'd love to say makeup and beauty products but that's only true 50% of the time.
    I don't ever return I just exchange for more does that count?