These are a lot but there's way more. Hope's drains my wallet and my self esteem. I'm selling all of these on Poshmark so if anyone uses it leave me a comment and I'll follow! (Tried to get all of my friends to use the app but failed. I love it though!)
  1. Turns out my harry arms showing isn't cute
  2. You need boobs for this
  3. I love the color scheme and it looked SO CUTE when my best friend wore it so I tried it again and nope still looks stupid on me
  4. Turns out I just look bad in stripes
  5. I didn't find anything to wear this to and now it doesn't fit
  6. I saw this and needed it in my life except the waist is so small that if its up high enough it's too short for me. I keep trying it on but it never looks any better.
  7. AGAIN WITH THE TINY WAIST. This is so pretty I keep trying but the slip isn't full length so if it's up too high it's bad news for me
  8. I was obsessed with this but it just does weird things on me. Still try to wear it sometimes
  9. I just wanted cute maxi skirts but I guess I need to start buying bigger sizes
  10. I look like a boy in flannel. I look like my brother to be exact. I don't like that.
  11. Sos I have a shopping problem