1. Declutter so much stuff
    I've made it a habit to get rid of stuff every day whether it's selling it online (made $130 this week 👍🏻), throwing away stuff that's not good enough to sell, or passing it on to friends/family.
  2. Get rid of stuff that wasn't helping me achieve my natural beauty goals
    I sold both sets of extensions and tons of expensive makeup for way less than they are actually worth and I feel pretty damn good about it. I also passed on a shit ton of beauty products that my super sensitive body couldn't handle.
  3. Get a library card
    Ready to get back in the habit of reading instead of mindlessly watching tv to distract me from shitty parts of life. Also cause tv did me dirty, the 100 I'm looking at you shitbags🙄.
  4. No fast food 🙅🏻
    Still haven't had it once since the new year and I haven't even wanted it honestly.
  5. Actually think about what type of work would make me happy instead of just feeling like I'm bound to be miserable with whatever job I have.