1. Lay in bed for an hour
    I could fall back asleep right.... Wrong
  2. Check Instagram
    Oh hey a contest for my favorite boutique, I've never won but today could be the day. Enter
  3. Check Facebook
    It's my brothers GFS birthday I gotta find an ugly picture to post. Proceeds to go through every picture ever taken
  4. Check twitter
  5. Check Instagram again
    Nothing has changed shockingly
  6. Contemplate going to Starbucks
    "Studying for finals" is a good excuse for a venti coffee and a breakfast sandwich I can't actually afford right?
  7. Sit here and stare at my computer because honestly doing nothing is better than studying
  8. Help other people Christmas shop
    I'm a freak and had mine done weeks ago so why not use other people's laziness as an excuse to stop studying French