Other than bills and debt of course
  1. This hair
  2. Makeup I don't need but want because Sephora is a black hole constantly draining my wallet
  3. Cute work clothes
    Mostly shoes for work but maybe some cute tops too
  4. Cute decorations for my cubicle
    Cause target is the other black hole constantly draining my wallet
  5. Snacks
    To fill the drawer I have already designated in my desk as the snack drawer
  6. A stitchfix box
    I kind of loathe clothes shopping so this seems like a great idea in theory but I'm nervous they'd send me shit I didn't like or stuff that's all expensive
  7. This Kate Spade crossbody because mine is way too heavy
    I'm not gonna lie I already bought this
  8. This Kate Spade Wallet because, Ice Cream
    Also because my other one is too bulky and this one is mostly card slots so it will be better for a crossbody and for my lifestyle (aka I'm broke usually and never carry cash)
  9. This phone case because, Ice Cream
    I mean come on it's basically telling me I have to have it