After all this time spent on my degree I have 0 hobbies. Unless you count my morning Starbucks run or binge watching Netflix or Hulu at night. So here are things I want to do after graduating (heads up I've been told simple things make me happy in a condescending way and idgaf)
  1. Get a gym/tanning membership
  2. Yoga or Pilates class
    My boyfriend is even down to do this with me
  3. Learn photography
    Once I can afford a nice camera
  4. Cooking/possibly a cooking class
  5. Blogging
    I have one but I don't use it consistently and I want to have decent content before I get it out there
  6. Start an etsy shop
    I actually have no idea what goes into this but my friend has been showing me how to make t-shirts, mugs, etc and it is super cool and fun and if I could make money doing it that would be super cool too
  7. I seriously don't have hobbies other than reading so I may need some suggestions..