1. Lots of piercings
    I took out two cartilage piercings and my belly piercing
  2. Cheetah Print
    I'm not gonna lie I still have cheetah leggings and I kind of love them but I'm also very embarrassed at the amount of cheetah print I used to own..
  3. Angel Wings on Everything
    I have earrings I love but aside from that I'm good
  4. Yoga Pants
    Sure they're comfortable but my Adidas sweats are 10,000 times better. Also I don't care how my butt looks because only one person needs to see it and he falls asleep and wakes up to it literally every morning and night.
  5. Neon colors
    I'm boring and basically only wear neutrals
  6. Sequins on clothing
    Literally the worst idea ever because it blinds you in the sun. Don't sequin and drive people
  7. Victoria's Secret Clothing
    Overly priced and honestly not that great. I used to basically exclusively wear their clothing but now I'm down to just bras and underwear. I'd take Nike sweats over vs every day of the fucking week.
  8. Eyeliner
    It might be because I can't properly make a wing but if I'm being honest it's probably because it is just too much effort to get off.
  9. Highlighter
    I feel like this may have always looked dumb and just no one told me?
  10. Going out
    I'm lazy and antisocial
  11. Once upon a time
    There was a point where I just had to mourn what once was and move on
  12. Social media in general
    Pretty positive even JK isn't enough to keep me on twitter and I'm starting to just not care if my relatives know what's going on in my life because I'm sick of the facebook/messenger app. Also still pissed facebook ruined instagram.
  13. Sugary coffee drinks
    How did I drink white chocolate mochas all the time I honestly don't know.
  14. Taylor Swift
    Loved her ruthless country songs. Hate everything she's done recently. My sister is going to hate this.
  15. The 100
    Fuck the writers of this show
  16. Essie nail polish
    I like the color selection and the packaging but that's about it
  17. Perricone md makeup
    I love the thought behind it but if you work long days it will be HORRIBLE at the end of the day