Inspired by @poweronyourvcr
  1. Now that I've stopped crying at ten minute intervals
  2. My family
    The guys for being tough and making fun of me calling me "weepy" like I'm a dwarf in a Disney movie. The women for hugging me and making me chocolate chip cookie cake and pouring lots of glasses of wine because I needed it. The balance is necessary.
  3. My best friends
    For showing up to distract me and letting me act like a complete goober and loving me anyway. For looking at me like the sun shines out of my butt even though I'm a complete mess.
  4. My hometown
    For bringing out the best in me even when I feel my worst. Can I just ditch everything and move home now?
  5. My daddy
    For being the toughest person I've ever met. For not even taking a second off from cracking jokes. Even when he should be thinking about himself he's always taking care of us and I admire that so much. For getting through all of this so I still have my daddy because I'm not afraid to admit I need him still.
  6. God
    For listening and not taking my dad when I "prayed" aka frantically yelled "NO YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED HES MINE. Amen". Sorry for not trusting you at all, thank god my parents probably had nicer normal prayers you answered.