Requested by @poweronyourvcr
  1. Hang me out of a window
    They thought it was funny to tie sheets to a basket and hang me out a window... I was still young enough that I didn't know to protest. My brother and cousin proceeded to swing swords at the basket
  2. Vagina slaps
    When my sister went to college this was all the rage with her friends.... Mornings in the dorm room were not fun
  3. Draw a line separating our sides of the room
    I shared a bedroom with my older sister so she drew a line I couldn't cross to separate our sides of the room. The only issue was the door was on her side... She may have made me cry a few times when I really needed the bathroom
  4. Drag me away from boys.. Literally
    My brother thought it was funny in high school when he saw me talking to a boy to pick me up mid conversation and run me as far away from the boy as possible. Our school was not small. I was late for class A LOT
  5. Continuation of #3: College
    In our student center he would pick me up and run in circles around the entire building singing we are the champions
  6. Honorary mention: Jackson Thomas (still college)
    My brothers best friend liked to join in on the torture and pretend to choke me in the student center... A girl freaked out one time which caused me to laugh so hard I was actually choking...
  7. My sister liked to take photos of my poor outfit choices in middle school
    If we're lucky she can come up with a photo.. Apparently I thought it was fine to wear polka dot pajama pants and a fuzzy scarf to go ice skating.
  8. Yellow car
    A fun filled car game for everyone without color blindness! "YELLOW CAR" "Sarah that's orange" " YELLOW CAR" "Sarah that one is white?!"
  9. Tell me they were Christmas elves
    Instead of excitement I was heart broken that Santa didn't need my help. After crying to my mom my sister proceeded to "apologize" and instead said "we aren't Christmas elves cause Santas not real". Dreams shattered
  10. "You can't get that property"
    Before I could read they had to tell me the monopoly rules. For some reason I only ever had enough money for the purple properties.... And if I got something they wanted my chance card told me I had to give it to them
  11. Get on the home phone and torture people when I was talking
    Way back when a hundred years ago there were house phones that everyone could look up in a big magical yellow books! Most houses had more than one phone on the same line. They were sweet though and only tortured a few awful humans
  12. Keep me from playing video games
    My brother loved to buy games to use the excuse "it's my game" if anyone else tried to play it. This was heart breaking because I was obsessed with the sims
  13. Pictures of me eating
    Most people do this when people are sleeping and drooling on themselves but apparently my worst is when I'm eating... I'd say sorry but I'm not