I don't have a nightstand and I felt left out (all of those lists were so fun!)
  1. Too much makeup
    Had to upgrade the giant storage thing and get rid of half of my collection
  2. Mystery box
    Basically junk drawers but not actual junk
  3. Jewelry box
    Full of stuff I basically never touch like all of the cross necklaces I got for Roman Catholic accomplishments and belly rings I wore for thirty seconds at 18 and never touched again.
  4. Pictures
    Because they make my heart happy
  5. Leaf candle holders
    I have a weird obsession with these. My mom had them in a cabinet and had never used them and didn't remember where they came from.
  6. A crystal vase that belonged to my grandma(I think) filled with flowers from my friends wedding(fake flowers)
    This stuff gets kinda blurry in my head but I'm almost positive it was from my dads parents.
  7. My elephants
    These were in the window with plants at my grandparents house and they are my favorite things I own.
  8. So many makeup brushes
    In old candle holders that are the perfect size! I used to have them separated into face and eyes but now one is my favorites and the other is brushes that are okay but not life changing.
  9. The jewelry I wear a lot on a plate that was my great aunts(I think- mom's memory isn't great either)
  10. Full effect