1. Josh Abbott Band
    I think maybe I'd be fine if I just lost my mindddd
  2. Coffeeeeee
    Venti please. Oh I'm ten minutes late for work? It's fine I hate my job
  3. Makeup
    I barely ever wear it because my BF hates it but I love doing it so much lol my coworker immediately "why all the makeup?" #boybye
  4. Skincare
    I just want good skin okay?! It relaxes me to take care of myself is that weird?
  5. Cute shoes
    Guess outlet you are gods gift to my feet
  6. Good tv
    Happy endings has most of my heart but basically anything funny or with well developed characters/plot line will have me hooked.
  7. Comfy couches
    I have one at my parents that I absolutely love but Tys mom picked out this amazingly comfy L shaped couch that I want to buy its twin.
  8. Fall
    I love cooler weather, big sweaters, pumpkin everything(I know I really am basic) and the leaves turning are so beautiful. Even though it's kind of fucked up we find beauty in plants dying?
  9. Candles
    I don't know why but candles make my heart happy. I don't get this feeling with wax warmers or incense.