Rated by frequency
  1. Clothes of the comfy variety
    I've already made too many lists
  2. So many hair colors
    So many similar dark hair colors
  3. Organization
    I have a problem
  4. Girly decor/home decor in general
    I will never get to have because I love my man too much
  5. Food
    Either related to chicken or chocolate
  6. Engagement rings
    The frequency picks up when the BF casually slips it into conversation like today when he said "It would be so nice to move and save money and get married...." And just kept talking like I didn't hear that and do a little happy dance. I'm embarrassing.
  7. Puppies
    All of the puppies
  8. Makeup
    That I would buy but never use
  9. Cupcakes
    So many cupcakes
  10. Holiday decorations
    My friend already decorated her whole house fall themed. Before it was even September. I come by it honestly.
  11. Extremely simple diy crafts
    Probably with mason jars or old candle holders
  12. Tattoos
    Because I debate getting another one all the time
  13. Nails
    Even though I barley get mine done because they annoy me/hurt but they look so nice done.
  14. Cleaning hacks
    Sorry I just really hate cleaning the shower
  15. Cute baby stuff
    From when I thought I was having a godchild soon. Picking back up because one of my other best friends is pregnant. (Yes I have multiple best friends from different times in my life it's not fair to take their titles away they earned them)