Aside from the format which is not my forte there were definitely some pros and cons to this experience. I still want to watch the play.
  1. Pro: more info on life after Hogwarts
    The ministry positions are DUH but in a good way. That's where they belong.
  2. Con: this could potentially ruin fans imagination.
    I'm not in this boat but I can see why people aren't into it.
  3. Pro: we get a glimpse into what Harry's life might have been if he had let the sorting hat put him in Slytherin.
    There are so many similarities with Harry and Albus which creates a great father-son dynamic. I also love that Albus is the only Slytherin of the family. (Side note adult Harry is insufferable, come on dude I thought you'd be better at this)
  4. Con: Rose Granger-Weasley
    Hermione how could you raise a brat that would drop her cousin because of his sorting?! She comes from two of the most loyal humans(with a few momentary lapses from Ron that I totally forgive) to someone they had no prior connections to and she can't stand by her cousin?! I'm not even sad they erased her from existence cause let's face it she sucked.
  5. Pro: Scorpious Malfoy
    Is he or isn't he? I love the concept and would love to see more character development.
  6. Con: Draco Malfoy
    Why are you still relevant? How did you have a son that's actually great? Albus had an adorable friend moment and all but his reasoning isn't solid. Yeah Voldemort probably couldn't make a kind son but I doubt Draco could either.
  7. Pro: expert level time turner
  8. Con: 1. Hermione would have locked something that dangerous up better, come on her life trained her to be an expert at her job. 2. Why Cedrick?
    Why risk so much to save someone who means nothing to Albus or Scorpius? Why not try to save his mom or find out who his real dad is? They totally missed the mark here.
  9. Pro: more complicated Ron/Hermione love story
    I'm not gonna pretend I don't love Ron stumbling over his words and looking at her like the sun shines out of her butt.
  10. Con: I see inconsistencies and lack of development that means they need more jk involvement.
    Sorry John and Jack but you need to sit down.