1. Force yourself to wear literally every item
    I couldn't believe how painful it was to wear some things that I used to love.
  2. Be honest with yourself about the size you are and the size you're never going to be.
    Why did I still own anything xs?
  3. Stop stressing over how much you paid for things if you don't like them or just never wear them
    Credit card debt sucks but so does the guilt of knowing how much you spent every time you look in your closet. Send them to a friend and cut your losses (I'm sending everything to @poweronyourvcr who is convinced I will now be showing up to everything naked)
  4. Hang everything up where you can see it
    My eyes were naturally drawn to the pieces I don't care for and I was more determined to get them out of my sight
  5. Let go of things that don't match your aesthetic
    That sounds pretty hipster but life is so much easier when all of your shit is colors/styles that match each other. I may just be really lazy.... and color blind...
  6. Constantly look at pictures like this and think WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU STOP BUYING SHIT
    I really do this a lot.