I have too much excitement bottled inside me
  1. I am FINALLY starting to get my shit together
    The months-year after graduation is the worst and you feel so useless and lost but I'm finally starting to get away from those feelings.
  2. I start my new job next week(or as soon as all the background papers are sent and my computer comes in)
    So since I sold my college jeep I needed to get a new car and new car insurance.
  3. I officially signed up to be added to my fiancés car insurance
    This feels weirdly amazing because it's another step that makes our relationship seem so much more intimate. Is that a weird way to put it? Like the ring made it official but all of the other real world non sparkly things that make it even more official are exciting to me.
    It's black and beautiful and has a sunroof and heated seats and some crazy speakers throughout so I can blast music on my hour commute and enjoy the hell out of myself. And ITS MINE! (Aside from the amount my dad lent me for the down payment that I have to pay back)