1. The crack head wife runs pills
    I didn't know what it was previously just knew she was a drug runner
  2. He asked her not to take the baby with her and she did it anyway
    It's literally a newborn
  3. So they got into a fight and SHE called the cops on HIM
  4. Turns out he had a dui in Maryland from 7/8 years ago that he was still "wanted" for
    He literally drives drunk all the time so I kinda guessed he had wrecked or something with it but my guess was off lol
  5. The other maintenance men are changing the locks today so she can't get in
  6. They locked her out last night and she seemed to be having some issues trying to get in... They're gonna make that a permanent issue
  7. He's at Dodridge county jail being expedited to Maryland today
  8. They think he'll get no more than 6 months
  9. The dog was left out all night crying and barking which breaks my heart
    And apparently the neighbors complained like it was his fault!
  10. I brought him food this morning and that's why I was graced with all of this info.
  11. They're looking for a temporary home for him until his owner gets out
    If both of my dogs were nice to him I'd have volunteered he's seriously the sweetest dog.
  12. Hopefully buddy and his owner turn out alright they're both super nice. You can't help who you love I guess even if they're bad for you.