Recap of my dream last night
  1. My mom frequently puts together care packages for people.
    Because she's adorable and so thoughtful.
  2. Usually I take them to the post office for her but for some reason we chose to go to UPS.
  3. What should have been a very easy stop became an ordeal.
  4. We ended up in an office where the woman wasn't helpful and was being extremely condescending and rude to my mom.
  5. Naturally I was pissed and had to leave the room because I wanted to bitch this woman out which would make my sweet mother cringe and mad at me.
  6. I went outside the building where my brother was sitting to bullshit with him so that my dad could go in and try to help solve the situation.
  7. I ended up going to run an errand while they delt with the issue.
  8. When I got back my brother was still sitting outside playing Pokemon so I asked him if they were still inside. He said yes.
  9. So I walk in and something seems odd. I realize that there's no people in the building anymore.
  10. (For visuals the ups store was in a historic section of downtown so the building was old and somewhat creepy)
  11. So I walk to the office we were in and my parents are nowhere to be found.
  12. I start to minorly panic at this point because Joe never saw them leave.
  13. Where could all of the people be?
  14. I start to explore the building wondering if there's anyone here at all?
  15. Eventually I must have walked through a portal because somehow I ended up with my best friend since I was a baby and her sorority/frat friends.
  16. Naturally I pleaded with Kacy to help me but her friends were useless and I ended up giving up and going back by myself.
  17. At this point I was sure that these weren't people at all but aliens posing as ups workers to abduct humans.
  19. At a loss for what to do and alone in this knowledge I sprinted for the door to outside. Joe would know what to do.
  20. But when I walked out he was gone. Everyone was gone.
  21. I drove home as quickly as I could praying this was all in my head and they had somehow forgotten me and left downtown.
  22. When I got home no one was there.
  23. Despair took over and I began to weep.
  24. But I was dumb and didn't think to call my sister?
  25. Nothing made sense after that but apparently they were alive.
  26. Don't eat before bed 😳