It's totally normal to make all of your decisions based on whether they make you cry or not right?
  1. If you haven't seen anything I've said about getting engaged I cried like a baby when he proposed. For like hours.
  2. I'm wearing my mothers wedding dress
    I put it on and started bawling. It surprisingly fit super well so all we have to fix is the shoulder poof to make the sleeves normal and I'm going to cut out the super high neck because she was taller than me and it basically chokes me lol
  3. I'm adding lace from my mother in laws dress to my veil, possibly shoes if we can find some that work, and to wrap my bouquet.
    It was in a closet where it got water damage so it isn't wearable and we want to incorperated as much as we can because honestly she's been like a second mother to me since day one. The funniest thing is the pattern on her dress is EXACTLY the same as my moms. They are literally identical.
  4. I'm wearing my maternal grandmothers earrings
    They are beautiful and many of my cousins/aunts/my mom have worn them so I want to carry that tradition. Also because I had a really good relationship with her and hope that it will give me luck to have a lifelong love like her and my grandfather did.
  5. Im trying to convince Ty that we should use "Front Row Seat" by Josh Abbott Band which happens to be my favorite cd ever. "I don't have to wonder because this is more than love" defines my feelings perfectly.
    I really like this song because we have been through a lot and I know a lot of people may be skeptical about our marriage. It's funny because what no one really knows is that he's more open with me than anyone including his own family. The person he is with me is a person only I get. Sometimes I wish other people could see that side of him but I also kind of love that I get him all to myself. "They can't see because they'll never be this close to your heart" ❤️ I just really love this song.
  6. We've decided for our honeymoon we're gonna try to go a few places out west because I've never been off the east coast and he really wants to see the redwoods and apparently there's a lake that is so clear you can see straight to the bottom a couple hundred feet down and I need to see that.
  7. color scheme- add in some dark fall leaves
  8. bridesmaid dresses
  9. Our date: October 22, 2017! ❤️
  10. Our venue: Brookside Farms
    It's huge. This is just the dance floor. In the same room there's a separate bar area and reception area
  11. Our friend is going to cater and I'm pretty convinced that Pizza, Wings, and beer is perfect because that's us. We are not traditional or fancy. It's in a fucking barn like why not
    I want to do wet naps that are customized with our wedding stuff which I think is hilarious.
  12. We even made a wedding website to save on paper/money for invitations
    Personally I think it's insane how much people pay for paper that is gonna go straight in the trash. I can't get over how much of a waste that is in general.
  13. Feel free to leave me suggestions on how to word this so people understand that I want it to be low key and just a fun celebration rather than a big show
  14. Just had my appointment to get the dress altered and it was amazing! It's going to turn out perfectly. The girl who owns the place is even named Martha! (That's my moms name and it's her dress I'm wearing so I thought that was humorous)
  15. Well so far the only thing going wrong is that people suck. I had a bridesmaid who asked herself(who I was legit not planning to ask) who literally did not show up to the bridal shower and then ignored my text about missing it and then posted selfies at the lake in the same town
    My aunt lost her shit because we didn't invite kids and tried to tell me my dead grandmother would be disappointed in me which was rough. My great aunts are mad it's planned for the same day they planned our annual family picnic. Tys family on both sides are fighting with each other so half of them just aren't coming. Remind me why ty convinced me not to do a destination wedding????
  16. Mary planned the most AMAZINGLY MAGICAL Harry Potter themed bridal shower that will get its own list once I'm sent all of the pictures because holy crap guys she thought of literally everything