1. I know the date I want
    Either October 13 or 14 because he asked me out at 3am on a slice of cheese
  2. Venues are so hard
    I don't want anything super expensive but my fiancé wants it outside and somewhere private which is hella expensive
  3. I want it to be small
    But my family is HUGE so that's awkward
  4. I keep changing my mind about themes trying to compromise but still make it something I'm happy with
    My fiancé wants it fall themed and I don't want it fall themed at all but trying to compromise ends up with me realizing I'm not happy with any of it so that's not actually a compromise
  5. I can understand why people break off engagements because this is not the happy fun exciting thing it should be
    My dad said that weddings are supposed to be whatever the girl wants and was really confused that ty wanted to be involved and I'm happy he wants to be but not super happy that he wants everything to be how he wants it and is oblivious to the fact that he's steamrolling me
  6. I want something classic but our friend told me what I want will be boring for everyone else
    I guess I'm just boring
  7. Ugh I'm ready to just go to the court house