I've seen some lists about what fat people want skinny people to know and this really grinds my gears.. What if I told you...
  1. People who are underweight also experience medical problems
    I can spontaneously lose consciousness just because the sandwich I ate wasn't enough or its kind of hot out. Being underweight can make daily life difficult as well.
  2. It's still just as awful for me to try on clothing
    It may seem like I have more options available but I'm just as embarrassed in a dressing room. Looking like I'm wearing a tent isn't cute and it's hard to find anything that actually fits my body type unless I want to walk around basically naked (some girls do but I do not)
  3. I get shamed by others just as much
    There's so much emphasis on how overweight people should be treated but it's fine for anyone to tell me I need to "eat a cheeseburger" or ask me if I stopped eating (never). I literally had someone ask me if I had cancer once because I lost 10 pounds when I was trying to start eating healthy. I wish people understood that calling someone too skinny is equivalent to calling someone too fat.
  4. Exercise is a nightmare
    Not only am I insanely out of shape everyone assumes my body can handle 10X more than it actually can so 1. They think I'm just complaining when it's too much and 2. I get sick or pass out every. Single. Time.
  5. Dating is still a nightmare
    I immediately am judged by my body type and my personality is completely ignored. My intelligence is discounted and 9/10 I'm treated disrespectfully.
  6. Addressing weight the way people do is adding to the problem
    Categorizing yourself as "fat" or "thin" is putting yourself into a box and labeling it for others to mistreat you. You're selling yourself short by adding to this completely unnecessary debate. What should matter is how good of a person you are and even if you don't think it does to others how is this "I have it worse than you" attitude helping? We're all losing sight of what really matters.